Nicky Guan


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Tools:  Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Flinto, Framer
What I do    
I'm a full stack-designer and digital artist who uses agile user-centered methodologies in all things I do. I specialize in user experiences, visual design, content marketing, and strategies.
FoodNearMe is a restaurant app that discovers local favorites for food lovers. Our goal is to provide best restaurant information near your location in order to help people make a quick decision on where to eat nearby.

Issues Discovered

1) Limited access to food options (location influences food choice)
2) Individual’s eating habits affect food decision-making
3) Financial situation affects food choice
4) Job type and work hours and perceived time barriers affect food choice on weekdays

Interview Learnings and Findings
After a series of interviews with participants and nutrition experts, I started listing the findings from the interviews along with my own experience on the whiteboard to look for patterns and see the bigger picture of the results. Then I divided the findings into three major categories:

- Price/Budget
- Location
- Wait Time

Design Theme and Insights

Insight I: Most people's lunch budget is $10 - $20. Dinner budget is $20 - $35. The range doesn't include drinks.
How might we: provide restaurant price info to help most people stay in their budget.

Insight II: Most people like to purchase food at nearest stores and restaurants close to their location.
How might we: provide distance information about the potential restaurants.

Insight III: Working professionals normally have limited lunch/dinner hours.
How might we: provide waiting time information to help people better plan their meals.


Designing a mobile product that provides the restaurant information most people care about when they try to decide where to eat. The product will include:

- Restaurant map
- Restaurant location and distance
- Price range
- Wait time

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