Nicky Guan


Telephone: 415-770-3469


Tools:  Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Flinto, Framer
What I do    
I'm a full stack-designer and digital artist who uses agile user-centered methodologies in all things I do. I specialize in user experiences, visual design, content marketing, and strategies.

MingleApp is an application that enables the world's conversations.
It's the all-in-one communications app for text messaging, voice and video calls, timeline, and photo sharing.

Project Background

In 2010, I was part of the design team at a Vancouver-based tech startup Mingleverse Laboratories to help the company convert their existing real-time collaboration web application into a mobile app. 

Wireframing & Paper Prototyping

After a series of usability testing, the team came up with the layout of each screen based on the functionalities of the web application. We also created paper prototypes for internal testing. 

Low-Fi Mockups

Then we turned our rough sketches into low-fi mockups in Sketch.

Hi-Fi Mockups 

We created the UI style for MingApp using the existing web application as the reference.


Mingle Room