Nicky Guan

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Email: / Cell: 415-770-3469
Tools: Sketch, InVision, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite
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I'm a full stack-designer and digital artist who uses agile user-centered methodologies in all things I do. I specialize in user experiences, visual design, content marketing, and strategies.
Take5diet Research and Design Process
Take5diet is a healthy eating control app that helps track your daily fruit and vegetable intake and promote healthier eating. Users can see if they have achieved the recommended 5 a day through weekly or monthly views to better balance the nutrition intakes.

Design Challenge Overview

Research Topic: How might we provide healthier food options for people in need?

Goals and Objectives: Research for accessibility to healthy affordable food and awareness of the impact of a healthy food intake upon physical and mental health

Target Audience: People at the age from 25 - 40 and across a range of communities (family and friends, neighborhood, tech companies, and grocery store customers)

Issues Discovered

  • Limited access to healthy food options (among Mexican communities in San Mateo County)
  • Long-term unhealthy eating habits affect food decision making
  • Limited consumption of healthy food (cross communities and tech employees)
  • Lack of awareness of the impact of a healthy eating habit
  • Financial situation affects food decision making
  • Job type and work hours and perceived time barriers affect eating habits

Test Plan

Interview with Target Group and Nutrition Experts

The team conducted major interviews with six participants with different background. There are tech workers, artists, nutritionists, and food experts.   


We first listed all the findings from each member trying to see the bigger picture of the interview results. Then picked the ones that were mentioned most frequently by the participants and divided them into three major categories:
1) Pricing and Payment 2) Location 3) Cooking Method 

Design Solution
Design a Diet Tracker App that encourages people to complete daily healthy diet milestones in order to maintain a healthy eating habit.

Key Features

- Dashboard of users' basic stats
- Food intake progress tracker
- Leaderboard ranking